Doctors: How to Build Your Personal Brand and Reputation in 30 seconds

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Business to business marketing, Healthcare Marketing, Marketing, Medical Marketing
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More than ever before, doctors and providers need to differentiate themselves.  The 30-second “elevator speech” is a golden opportunity to distinguish yourself, your profession, your practice or organization.  Done well, it’s natural sounding, immediately engaging and it often generates business.

How to sell yourself in 30-seconds without sounding self-promoting…

  • Say why someone should care.
  • How or why you are different and better.
  • Use language that is understandable, engaging, clear and memorable.
  • Target your audience.
  • Provoke interest and a sense of wanting to know more.
  • Craft your speech carefully and thoughtfully.
  • Keep it simple and brief; 30 seconds is ideal; 60 seconds is max.
  • Focus. Stick to one primary (differentiating and beneficial) idea.
  • Use an attention getting or provocative opening.
  • Embrace specifics, not generics.
  • Stories, emotions and metaphors are memorable.
  • Inject genuine enthusiasm; it’s contagious.
  • Practice. Test. Revise. Practice.
  • Use it frequently and wear it comfortably.

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