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Physicians are constantly looking for way to attract new patients to their practice. Visibility and relationships is key and here are some simple ways you can build your practice and attract new patients:
1. Think about branding- a strong and clear brand is sure fire way to bring in new patients. A strong brand can build trust, comfort and loyalty. You want to make sure your brand message is clear. Your brand should also make you stick out from the competition. Once you have your brand established you must aim for consistency and make sure it is clear on all printed material.
2. Nurture your current patients- make sure to take care of your current patients. If you are consistent in making your patients happy the will tell their friends and family, which in turn could turn into potential new patients. Ask your patients if they are satisfied and they will tell you. If there are thing that need improvement they are the ones that will know. Then once you know you can fix it.
3. Embrace social media- you knew that as coming! There are millions of people communicating over social media everyday. This is the easiest and quickest way to get your medical practice out there. Your page also tells people a lot about you, so if done correctly it can bring in a lot of new patients.
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In order for health facilities to keep their patients coming back they have to build a relationship with them. Patients want to feel like their provider truly has their best interest in mind. They also have certain expectations, such as respect for their time, good clinical outcome, and improvement of their health through their treatment. The following strategies are ways medical staff can improve physician-patient relationships:
1. Identify the different types of patient visits- Patients go any see doctors for different reasons. Some go in for a diagnosis, others for a follow up, and some for an annual visit. Each of these patients are going in with different expectations and it should be your staffs responsibility to identify these expectations.
2. Conduct a clinic huddle each morning- a quick morning huddle can benefit the clinic. It gives you time to go over schedules and identify potential problems that may occur.
3. Prescreen patients at scheduling- it can be very beneficial for your front desk staff to prescreen your patients with the initial appointment. They should call the patient and ask questions about the reason for their visit and what the need from the physician. Also, have all the paperwork need done before the patient comes to the office.
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: Having a good patient relationship is very important to every medical practice. This relationship is important because it creates loyal clients and could bring in new patients. The following are some strategies that every medical practice should consider.
1. Prioritize community outreach as a key factor in personal development plans- with information so easily accessible consumers now research providers before selecting one. They rely on reviews from other patients, word of mouth and quality data. Being seen out in the community can help your practice. People like to see people in action and helping. This gives the patients an opportunity respect or the physician by seeing them as a leader and community member.
2. Institute a morning huddle- A morning huddle with your practice can set up your day. Taking a few minutes to go over the schedule, review accomplishments and challenges, and how you plan today a successful one. During this time set goals and review how you accomplished them in the next morning huddle.
3. Say thank you- such a simple concept. A thank you goes a long way. Make sure you say thank you to every patient each and every time you see them. The rest of your staff should say thank you as well. If you see your patients as customers the more likely they will return and refer your practice to others.
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Marketing strategies can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. The key to a successful dental practice is to avoid major marketing mistakes that many practices find themselves making. Here are some things that you want to avoid:
1. Location, location, location- choosing an unprofitable location can detrimental to your business. You want to find a location with a professional –to population ration that is healthy. You as want to find a location where you have plenty of space to advertise your practice.
2. Phone shoppers- not properly training or managing you telephone can be your practice’s downfall. Your phone specialist must be trained in a way they can turn prospects into patients. Great telephone personalities with the right answers can make a big difference.
3. Internal Marketing System- not having an effective internal marketing system can really hurt a dental practice. Most do have a referral, loyalty and retention program but do not manage them properly. You can help your internal marketing by asking everyone for referrals and by asking in a manner that calls to action.
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Abington Hospital in Abington, PA has being making great strides in the way they are marketing. We’ve all heard the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” and that is just was their marketing department is doing. What they are doing is taking their long standing tagline one step forward by making it a campaign. There tagline for many years now has be “the power to heal,” and now they are expanding with the ‘Power’ campaign. They are explaining to their patients what exactly their ‘power’ is focusing on.

Many facilities and organizations can learn from this because it shows that you don’t necessarily start all over. A few changes in a positive direction can bring back previous patients as well as attract new ones.

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Anyone in marketing will tell you that social media is an absolute must when it comes to marketing. However, it is only helpful if you use these sites correctly. Since Facebook has started to reduce the visibility of business pages some practices have decided to use their personal pages to market their organization and this is a big no-no and here is why:
1. You are not allowed to mix personal and business accounts- Facebook’s user- terms do not allow this. If you use your personal page for business your page may be cancelled for violating these terms.
2. Too many friends- personal Facebook pages let you have a max of 5,000 friends where as a business page there is no limit. You may have the option to transfer your friends but you risk losing the majority of those friends in the transfer.
3. The lack of analytics on your personal page- your business page offers more analytics than your personal page. And what’s the point of marketing if you cannot examine what is effective?
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