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As stated in the article, jumping into social media is similar to jumping into unchartered waters. There are so many directions that social media can take you, and if you are unsure how to navigate yourself, you may get lost in the giant sea of branding, messages, and advertisement. To be on social media is to be connected 24/7 with your audience. To manage these tasks, 5 steps have been listed. If the opportunity arises to start or improve your social media skills, these steps will help guide you in the right direction.
STEP 1: Before you get started, monitor sites. Spending a solid month searching and lurking on competitor or social sites is the best way to understand how the site works. Seeing an array of people, companies, and advertisement on social media will help you understand the point of particular sites and what may be necessary for your company.
STEP 2: Determine your goals. These wise words of wisdom are never wrong. As long as you always know what direction you want your company to go, you will always have a good direction for your goals. Knowing what type of advertisement if best for you will help narrow down which social media site is a perfect fit.
STEP 3: Be intentional; take one site at a time. If you jump into multiple social media sites, it can be overwhelming. Furthermore, it may be unnecessary and a waste of time, which could be put into the one social media site. Your audience will have a certain site and by establishing a base with one, connecting the others will come eventually.

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Now that your company has decided it wants to jump into the social media world, it is best to evaluate what information you are displaying to the consumers. Just because you have social media advertisement does not mean you are turning your company into “a work of art” that customers would want to purchase. Organization and brainstorming are always helpful skills with these types of reformations. However, we have provided you with 5 easy steps to figure out how to turn your watercolors into a Picasso.

1) Create a Shortlist. This process if very similar to brainstorming. Collect 5-10 peers and have them generate multiple searchable tags in search engines such as Google or Bing.
2) Do the Detective Work. After step 1, browse the competitors that pop up in the search engines. “How social is their website?” “Which social platforms did they utilize?” “What customers are replying to their blog and what is said as a response?”
3) Analyze the Data. See which competitors are doing the best and what techniques they are using to get these positive results.

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Americans spend a good portion of their time on social media, browsing websites, and looking for new things to learn about. According to a survey conducted, 86% of social media is all business related. If you are not out there with the rest of your competitor, you could be missing out of a chunk of customers. While inexperienced business owners turn to Facebook for their online marketing needs, only 37% of those marketing efforts affect the proper client market. When social media is done correctly, the pool of people exposed to your company will expand be more likely to reach out for your services.

To start, the best way to supercharge your social media strategies is to have a plan. In the beginning of your plan, you should gather all information related to the marketing techniques of the healthcare world and of your competitors. Seeing what does and does not work for other people is a good place to start for your company. Once a large brainstorming session has been conducted for various marketing methods, tying those efforts into real business practices will be the next step to getting the proper marketing goals accomplished.


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Many people think that social media is a waste of time because customers are not out there looking for them. That idea could not be more wrong. Social media is the newest and best invention that clients could have; it is your business and it’s information constantly at their fingertips. Author Grant Cardone makes a statement about his company and how social media has helped benefit his company. “Just three years ago I was oblivious to these tools. Today, my companies have more than 5 million views on YouTube, accumulated 300,000 Facebook followers and another 275,000 active followers on Twitter.”

1. Start. The most important thing to do is to start, and start fast. You don’t need to know anything to do this. Create an account and commit to posting content. That’s all! Nothing is going to happen without starting. Billions of people are using social media worldwide — proof that it’s not complicated.


2. Post often and keep posting. There is no such thing as posting too much content. There are some “experts” out there who discourage frequent posts. They think if you post too often people will quit following you, but in the beginning, you don’t have followers. The only way you are going to get attention is through frequency. Those who quit following you because you post too much aren’t your market and won’t buy from you anyway. If people aren’t complaining about how much you post you are not posting enough. In three years, I posted more than 1,200 videos on YouTube, the social medium I consider to be one of the most powerful. That’s almost 400 videos a year.

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Social media is the new SAVING GRACE for most healthcare consumers. When a client needs health-related questions answered, a new doctor, or information provided, you want to ensure it is your website they stumble across. According to the Pricewater-HouseCoopers, a study conducted showed that 41% of people chose their healthcare providers via the Internet or their website directly. Having access to easy to read and comprehend social media sites are imperative for medical agencies. How do you make your company go viral?

Having enough digital space to explain everything your healthcare agency has to offer is the most important element to your website needs. You want to let the customer know you can assist them with whatever needs they are struggling with currently or may have to deal with in the future. Getting all of that information out on a website is not an easy feat. Having search engines and tags leading to your company is another goal to accomplish when establishing the makings of a new business website. “A Google study showed that 49% don’t look for a specific provider at first, but search for a disease or condition.”

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Marketing a law firm can be a difficult challenge. With the supply of law firms being gigantic, the demand for your particular law firm may be small. To begin with the marketing efforts towards your particular law firm, a lot of information must be gathered and portrayed properly. How to properly do this takes an array of steps. Not to mention, checking out what the competition is doing is a smart place to start. Below is a list of ideas you can use to become acquainted with your competitors to gain an important edge in your legal marketing efforts.
• Review and analyze their website and social media profiles. You will be surprised what a law firm will reveal on their website and social networks. Be sure to look up their individual attorneys on LinkedIn and other social networks.
• Enlist a friend’s help to interview their associates as a potential client. Be prepared with a list of questions before they place the actual call. Choose questions that will reveal important data about the competition. A simple telephone call can produce a wealth of information about the competition’s law firm marketing techniques.
• Ask them to mail you some information about their law firm. The type of legal marketing material they send out will speak volumes about who they are and how they conduct business.
• Sign-up for their e-newsletter (using your personal email address, of course)

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