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Since the onset of social media and mobility of the internet via the use of laptops, smart phones, and tablets, marketing has moved away from advertising and into the age of generating sharable and pertinent content.  Brands are not simply advertisers of products any longer but looked at as publishers of content that users look to for valued insight into their industry. Users than determine if the product enhances their ability to fill a void or need that the content has spelled out.

An article posted to the Forbes website entitled Is Content The Future of Marketing poses the question “What is the future of content marking.  Michael Brenner, the articles author, proposes that the future of content marketing is more visual with a focus on quantity with content. In addition, Brenner states brands are becoming publishers of trusted content that is bit-sized, shareable content.

Check out Brenner’s article by clicking Is Content The Future of Marketing? for other insights into the future of content marketing.

The use of a marketing specialist will allow you to focus on offline marketing while ensuring you stay on the cutting edge of social media marketing through the creation of shareable content. To discuss your content marketing plan contact Koreen Hart of Hart Marketing to establish an integrated marketing plan by calling (321)-662-1660 or via email at You can also check out the Hart website at


The owners and CEOs of several companies in Central Florida signed the CEO pledge for promoting health and wellness in the work place at the Lake Nona Impact Forum in Medical City. More than 150 CEOs all over the nation made the pledge to encourage health and work engagement.

The pledge session this year was led by Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson. He said at the forum, “Our employees are our greatest asset, and we believe that by investing in their health, we are investing in the success of our business.”

The Lake Nona Impact Forum is an event that brings companies and medical decision makers together. One of the main points of the night was that CEOs must make a movement towards employee and family physical activity and getting people moving because our country is in need of a change. Leaders are the first people to act and set good examples for others.

In the health industry, healthy employees are very important because they represent your organization. Promoting quality health should be a priority and these CEOs made sure it will be one of theirs.

More on the CEO pledge below:

Insurance companies are making ad campaigns against ObamaCare. The ads are appearing on TV and are aimed at people who are confused about the healthcare law chances. The insurers are hoping that invoking fear towards the new act will persuade people into opening policies with their companies. Many people know you must be insured by the beginning of next year or there will be a penalty, but not much more than that. Insurance agencies want to pull customers in by making them feel afraid of the new changes.

Intimidating people into doing business with you is not a new tactic. With the recent problems with the website, it is not surprising that the insurance companies are using this it or that it’s working. Regular insurance policies have been around for a long time, so most people will feel they are easier to understand. If you must have insurance either way, insurers are going to persuade you to work with them and not the government marketplaces.

Many insurance companies are not entering government marketplace exchanges until they see how they operate first. The companies are focusing on drawing in employers and individuals before the deadline. Their sales pitch is that they are someone to turn to during confusing and changing times.

It is very important to remember that although physicians provide a necessary service, practicing medicine is still running a business. A decade ago, the chief medical officer at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation was Paul Tang and in an Institute of Medical press release he said “When it comes to safety the healthcare industry needs to take a page from the airline industry. Pilots have instantaneous access to the data they need on weather conditions and mechanical functions to make informed decisions and about navigation, delays, and mid-course corrections. When accidents or near misses occur, the industry can analyze these events, and the resulting information can be used to prevent future errors. In healthcare, no such universal system exists.”

Even 10 years later, it still doesn’t exist in healthcare. Physicians should make sure to keep up with technology to maintain a successful business; a major business enhancing technology is integrated EMRs. These three steps can help improve your business:

  1. Embrace your inner business person – Make sure you or someone else you employ is focusing on the bottom line. Everything, no matter how small, should be budgeted.
  2. Become a techie – Embracing technology is important to all businesses today including healthcare facility.
  3. Recognize that your patients are paying customers – Provide quality care to patients, they are paying more than ever for it. According to the AMA, patients paid 24% of healthcare costs out of pocket this year.

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Marketing using mass media is an invaluable tool to your business but how can one achieve the greatest marketing tool to date, the viral video? An article posted October 24, 2013 to the Harvard Business Review is giving business insight into what it takes to construct a viral video to maximize the exposure of your company.  The article illustrates the science behind the viral video and provides three main lessons marketers can take away in an effort to generate a viral video of their own.

Lesson one; create a viral coefficient greater than one teaches us that generated content needs to be sharable. The viral coefficient is the total number of new viewers generated from a single, existing viewer. Once the coefficient slips below one, the sharing potential of the video diminishes incrementally as will its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Lesson two; Tie your brand to an emotional message. By tapping into emotions of users, the content is more likely to be shared within that user’s community. The generation of emotions makes people more likely to convey these emotions with like-minded individuals.

Lesson 3; Consider the public good  illustrates the need  to generate  emotionally compelling , shareable content that will promote your brand by delivering a message to create awareness for the good of the public.

For an expanded view of what it takes to generate a viral video check out the article by clicking Research: The Emotions that Make Marketing Campaigns Go Viral.

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With so much focus on social marketing and maintaining an online presence, it is easy to lose sight of offline marketing ideas that can drive your business. Small Business Trends published an article October 24, 2013 with five offline marketing ideas to get your business noticed. The cross promotion of your business through a health blend of online and offline marketing can ensure you are reaching a broad audience while concentrating on local business generation.

The article chronicles the use of five offline marketing tools in the form of networking, flyers, business cards, newsletters, and sponsorship to ensure you are maintaining a local presence.  While business professionals have used these ideas for years, they seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle during the online marketing blitz. By establishing an integrated marketing plan your business can ensure that these time-tested and proven techniques remain employed while continuing to harness the power of the internet and social media.

For an expanded view on the utility of offline marketing tools check out the article by clicking Five Offline Marketing Ideas to Help Get Your Business Noticed.  As always the use of a marketing professional to maintain your online presence while you focus on offline business generation is paramount.

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