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Marketing correcting is very important in any organization. It is no different in healthcare. With the help from the right agency you care certainly craft an effective marketing strategy.

1. Know your organization- Know what you are good at and focus on these points.

2. How are YOU different- Make sure to point out what separates you from everyone else. What make you better than your competitor?

3. Understand your consumers- find out what your consumers are looking for in an organization and try to cater to these needs. More specifically find out what other organizations aren’t giving them and try to achieve it in your facility.

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Physician involvement becomes more and more important in healthcare marketing every day. This makes sense because what do patients go to healthcare facilities for? To see the doctor of course! It is no wonder marketing departments have been teaming up with physicians to develop strategies and marketing goals for their organizations.
One major way physicians can be involved in marketing is through patient acquisition. Christine Holt said it best, “physicians deliver a patient experience that either reinforces the brand or not.” Through referrals and their affiliations with healthcare physicians drive patient volumes. At the end of the day healthcare is all about the patients’ outcomes, visits and volume. With these increasing so will ROI, page views and open rates.
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Have you ever heard it’s not what you say but how you say it? Well this holds true and plays a big role in healthcare marketing and health literacy. Not everyone reading your website or visiting your facility understands medical jargon. This is why we must advertise and deliver healthcare in a way that people will understand. A couple of ways health literacy may help your organization are:
– Increased enrollment
– Higher utilization rates
How does health literacy help in those areas you ask? When people understand what exactly you are providing they don’t feel a need to ask so many questions. They see the programs you offer and that they are easily accessible. People want things made simple and better they understand the easier it becomes.
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We live in a world where we have an unbelievable amount of information at our fingertips. Industries are developing new tools for their costumers to engage digitally with their brands and products. It seems like all industries are using digital marketing to attract the consumer with retailers offering coupons or restaurants making it easier to make reservations or order online.
Healthcare, however, seems to be falling short. Sure health care has taken part with health monitoring apps and online patient portals but there is so much more the health care industry can take advantage of. Marketers can use these digital tools to improve patients’ health experiences. Make it easier for facilities to interact online with their patients and build relationships with current and future patients. Health care facility can also use these tools to empower the patient. Teach them how to take charge of their own health.
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Sometimes the best thing an organization can do for their business is redesign their website to draw in more costumers. It is no different for healthcare facilities who are trying to bring in new patients. Many health facility marketers have trouble developing content because the staff is usually busy helping the patient and not documenting enough useful information that can be placed on their website. Some good points to consider when redesigning are as follows:
1-Your website should have a digital roadmap. This means have technology work for you and your needs. Find out what your patients use the most and align that with your digital media. This can be anything from mobile apps to online ads. Online marketing is always a good idea.
2- Organization is key. Make sure the website is organized in a way that the patient can navigate and find what they are looking for quick and easy.
3-Patients must be number one priority. Healthcare is in business to help the patient. Without them there would be no facility. It is no wonder they must be the number one concern when redesigning. The facility must ask them self what can our website do to help our patients. Adding chat with expert options, online bill paying and referral requests are a few additions that can help facilities tremendously.
4- Content should explain how you are helping the patient. There is so much information that can be placed on a health facilities website that it can sometimes be overwhelming. When a potential patient goes to your website they should see what you offer and why they should choose you over any other facility. There is no need for filler information such as description of disease or illness because they most likely already have background information if they are looking for treatment.

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