About HART incorporated

HART Marketing & Communications Inc.HART Marketing & Communications is a socially responsible company, focused on Marketing, Strategy and Business Development for medical practices, dental practices, and health-related small and medium sized organizations.

We are committed to increasing revenues, generating returns on investment, slashing healthcare costs, and improving productivity with our personalized, collaborative programs… Fitness for the HART, mind and bottom line!

We work as partners to organizations.  Your success is our goal.  Whether implementing innovative marketing solutions, or turn-key  workplace wellness initiatives, we are your neighbor, colleague, consultant.  Not simply a vendor.

Incorporating HART for marketing initiatives provides a wealth of expertise and objectivity that makes these complex programs more effective and sustainable.

Our genuine commitment to small business means we are here for you, and are happy to conduct on-site meetings, seminars, and one-on-one analysis.  No need is too small or too large.

Incorporating HART into your medical practice or local business guarantees customized, applicable, and measurable programs for the complete health of your organization: physical, mental and financial.


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