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While plenty of stores seem to know how to market their merchandise efficiently, it does not come easy to all. While the business industry was slow to welcome to World Wide Web into it’s home, 2014 has been all about social media marketing. Originally starting with General Electric and leading to Maersk, B2B companies are beginning to realize the potential of the Internet. Employers can do various amounts of marketing techniques, fashion a brand statement, and even recruit future employees.

According to the AdAge survey, 80% of B2B markets intend on increasing the amount of digital spending within the last year for marketing purposes. To begin this process for your company, there are 5 main steps you should follow. The first step, as always, is to create and invest in a strategic plan. While many employers wish to dive right into the fun of social media, it is vital to take time with this first step. Goals must be defined and there must be a way of measuring them. Deadlines must be set and there must be step-by-step procedures to get there. While designing this strategy, it is important to know that what may work for one business does not work for all.


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Over the years, society has become enthralled with watching various types of videos. Whether it is tiny clips from social media applications or hour documentaries, the video business is constantly getting attention from a variety of customers. If your law firm is not providing online videos to market your firm, there is a huge chunk of potential business you are missing out on. In this article, simple guidelines have been created to taking those small steps in the right direction and upping your marketing strategies.

Real customers want to see real people, speaking in real terms. Attorneys often think that their commercials or videos should be something similar to a PowerPoint presentation: boring and lame. There usually two types of videos that surface. The first one is the video that ends up showing the same person talking throughout the entire video and they tend to have a monotone voice. The second type of movie is the one where countless of pictures are displayed of tragic accidents and a voice-over is done. Clients want to know and see who they will be hiring. Giving the potential clients an opportunity to get to know who you are and what you represent as a firm is the first step to getting a connection with these consumers.

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 A good deal of the time, when administrators sit down to discuss ways to make their practice a more desirable place a lot of plans come into mind. A lot of the time, those plans tend to be million dollar ideas that involve upgrading the entire department. Whether it is a state-of-the-art expansion projects or cavernous light-filled atrium, there are other solutions out there to facilitate with transforming your facility into a more attractive one. First and foremost, think inexpensive.

One easy move to make the company more desirable would be to have open visiting hours. Patients enjoy seeing their family just as much as their family enjoys visiting them. Also, when having a patient in treatment or care, it is hard to take off from work to see them, especially if the hours do not coincide with their work schedule. Visitors do not bother the staff and increase patient satisfaction. Another smart and innovative idea that can be put into effect, while keeping the budget low, is to create charging stations in the waiting room. These charging stations would help families and patients keep their cellular devices charged to inform family members of any results or updates.

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Integrated marketing includes the use of backlinks or “external” connections from other sites that point back to your website. Other forms of connecting to users such as page titles and Meta tags are more common examples of fostering site visits. However, backlinks connect with search engines to legitimize your site consequently listing it at a higher quality. Here are some effective link earning tips to keep your website in good graces with search engines:

–          Provide link-worthy content

Creating relevant and useful information for consumers is the best means of increasing search rankings and improving backlinks.

–          Participate in active, authentic online communities

Doing so will provide consumers with insight into your business as well as foster sharing among consumers.

–          Explore cross promotion and social sharing

Backlinks on social media is a means of connecting with customers and strategic partners. Sharing across social networks and platforms can boost your link earning potential.

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In journalism, the term, “Content is King,” is thrown around on numerous occasions. The idea behind this phrase is that the more information you share with your audience, the more the audience will feel the connection with your work and want to continue reading and investing their time. The same concept can be applied to the legal field of marketing. Content marketing is one of the most underrated sources attorneys can use. There is this false idea that if the attorney tells them everything there is to know, they will not use your services and will attempt to figure it out for themselves. When in reality, if you share information and appear to know everything, they will want to come to you for help.

According to the president of the American Marketing Association-Madison, J. Michol Banes, “Content marketing is attracting and retaining clients/customers through creating, distributing, and curating relevant content.” The point behind this type of marketing is to present credible and trustworthy information to the clients. Once you have earned the audience’s trust, they will return for your services. First and foremost, you must develop a strategy and decide what your firm needs to grow. Do you need more incoming cases? Is the website slacking in appearance and updated information? What is your current advertising just not making the cut?


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Less is Best in Content Writing

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Brevity always prevails when writing promotional content for today’s society. However, writing less and still conveying the message is not the easiest task. Readers skip long paragraphs, so here are some ways to shave wording and change format to gain readership:

–          Use the return key more often to present your thoughts clearer

–          Tweak paragraphs by eliminating unnecessary sentences , phrases and words

–          Use bullets for information with multiple items

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Keys to Earning Customer Trust

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A common rule of thumb is to do business with individuals that you ‘know, like and trust’. This concept is what drives most integrated marketing tactics including content marketing as it is centered in establishing trust with clients. The following are tactics in which leading brands have worked towards building consumer trust:

–          Have a Purpose

Having a mission statement is not enough. Companies must have purpose and an understanding of the promise in which it delivers to clients.

–          Deliver Quality

All members of the organization need to be shining examples of the mission. Accordingly, organization leaders must have the skills to motivate and empower employees to ensure customer needs are exceeded.

–          Empower Employees

For front-line staff within organizations, empowerment from leadership provides these employees with the authority to resolve issues and satisfy customer needs.

–          Listen Carefully

Feedback from employees is essential for an employer to function effectively. Whether positive or negative, paying careful attention to employee feedback is essential to gaining trust.

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