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Physicians are constantly looking for way to attract new patients to their practice. Visibility and relationships is key and here are some simple ways you can build your practice and attract new patients:
1. Think about branding- a strong and clear brand is sure fire way to bring in new patients. A strong brand can build trust, comfort and loyalty. You want to make sure your brand message is clear. Your brand should also make you stick out from the competition. Once you have your brand established you must aim for consistency and make sure it is clear on all printed material.
2. Nurture your current patients- make sure to take care of your current patients. If you are consistent in making your patients happy the will tell their friends and family, which in turn could turn into potential new patients. Ask your patients if they are satisfied and they will tell you. If there are thing that need improvement they are the ones that will know. Then once you know you can fix it.
3. Embrace social media- you knew that as coming! There are millions of people communicating over social media everyday. This is the easiest and quickest way to get your medical practice out there. Your page also tells people a lot about you, so if done correctly it can bring in a lot of new patients.
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Within the current health care industry, practitioners are experiencing difficulty in promoting medical services. In response, many health care providers are looking towards signage to gain a marketing advantage.
Placing banners, posters, window signs and counter cards throughout the office and exam rooms have proven to educate patients as well as increase revenue. Here are some tips as to furthering marketing strategies within a medical practice:
– Build trust, open doors
Do not underestimate the power of signage. Even small signage within a waiting room has an effect on the information retained by patients. This repeated exposure can foster interest, patient-provider trust-building and cross-selling.
– Educate, market, and grow
Signage can be a very effective means of health communication as they can bring about awareness towards a specific health initiative such as outbreaks, follow-ups, and healthy alternatives.
– Keep it short and sweet
When utilizing signage as a form of health communication, keep your message brief. Utilize attractive yet relevant visual aids to create a positive message and develop repeat business.
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Have you ever been a customer who felt that your business was not wanted?  Did you feel that the employee providing the service just didn’t care about you or your needs?  Customer service plays a major role in our impressions that determine where we take our business.   Your patients are no different.  Negative patient experiences are a major cause for negative online postings and reviews.  In the challenging and highly-competitive world of healthcare, you can’t afford to lose patients due to customer service issues.  Many more serious issues plague our ability to maintain and increase our patient base in order to have a successful business.  We need to be cautious about who is on our front lines.  Here are three characteristics that all front-line employees should possess:

  • Empathetic:  The staff needs to be given an opportunity to recognize that the roles are often reversed, placing the employee in the shoes of the patient.  How would they want to be treated when unexpected illness falls on them?  Simple caring for fellow human beings will go a great distance to the goal of superior customer service.  Think about how the Golden Rule applies to this one.
  • Good Listener:  This is sometimes a challenging characteristic to display because of how busy your staff may feel.  What is important to remind your staff is that although they may be busy, the patient must feel that the entire attention is devoted to them when they are present.  The employee must make special effort to avoid the ringing phone or the flashing monitor, allowing the patient to feel that they are being listened to and that their situation is the most important topic in the room.  They should spend most of the conversation hearing what the patient is has to say so that there is a true understanding.
  • Happiness is contagious:  Having an employee who is happy and presents this well to others is exactly who you want to represent you and your business in a first-contact, customer service situation.  When you smile, are pleasant to speak with, and have a genuine concern for the patient, they will feel comfortable and the positive experiences will begin.

It is critical necessity in any successful business to promote a superior customer service initiative that reminds the staff, on an ongoing basis, that our patients are our business.  We would not be in business if we didn’t have happy customers.  In addition, for all of the niceness that your staff displays, you may find that your patient base may increase due to other practices’ inability to have a happy staff.

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