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Marketing strategies can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. The key to a successful dental practice is to avoid major marketing mistakes that many practices find themselves making. Here are some things that you want to avoid:
1. Location, location, location- choosing an unprofitable location can detrimental to your business. You want to find a location with a professional –to population ration that is healthy. You as want to find a location where you have plenty of space to advertise your practice.
2. Phone shoppers- not properly training or managing you telephone can be your practice’s downfall. Your phone specialist must be trained in a way they can turn prospects into patients. Great telephone personalities with the right answers can make a big difference.
3. Internal Marketing System- not having an effective internal marketing system can really hurt a dental practice. Most do have a referral, loyalty and retention program but do not manage them properly. You can help your internal marketing by asking everyone for referrals and by asking in a manner that calls to action.
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Marketing has entered a new era of complexity where it is no longer enough simply to grab attention via traditional ad campaigns.  Twentieth century marketing has evolved from the one-size fits all ad campaign to the generation of specific, shareable content targeting not just the individual but the community within which the individual resides. Through the generation of meaningful, shareable content, a business can reach consumers far past the original campaign while solidifying their position as a reputable source.

Greg Satell penned on insightful articles for Forbes entitled How To Build An Effective Social Marketing Strategy that illustrates the framework for an effective marketing strategy.  Referring to the current marketing landscape as the “post-promotional age” Satell highlights the need to establish your community based on the organizational mission, value statement, and objectives and create attention holding content for that community. Be sure to check out the article for helpful marketing insight on the need to clarify your mission, identify analogues, focus on structure, and the vital creation of your community. To discuss your strategic marketing plan and ensure you are generating relevant, community based content, contact Koreen Hart of HART Marketing at (321)-662- 1660 or

I recall several years ago when a friend was preaching the benefits of upgrading to a smart phone. He advocated the use of his smart phone to browse the internet and check mail over a readily accessible computer due to the speed and responsiveness of the device. One can access emails without logging in and browse the internet without a swarm of pop ups and typically less page loading time. In a recent article by Wiley Cerilli published to The Business Journal website entitled Why mobile search marketing is more important than you think Cerilli highlights the importance of ensuring your marketing content is mobile friendly.

Highlighting hard to ignore statistics such as 70% of those conducting local mobile searches act on that search within the hour and 73% of mobile searches lead to further action, Cerilli makes a good case for mobile marketing. While desktops, laptops, and even tablets remain bulky and cumbersome, people have access to their smartphone the majority of the day. The user can access articles, blogs and other content and explore the merits of the content further seamlessly helping to make decisions as to the value or merit of the content and  explore quality sources to act on their research. By ensuring your marketing, website, and business content are enhanced with mobile users in mind can ensure you are visible locally; increase the likeliness of the sharing of your content, and drive new business from a tech-savvy generation. Be sure to check out the article for additional steps to mobilizing your efforts and contact Koreen Hart of HART Marketing at (321)-662- 1660 or  to ensure your strategic marketing plan is optimized for your businesses success!

An interesting article hit the web today by Michael Brenner on Forbes website titled Publishing Is The New Marketing: Epic Content Marketing.  In the article Brenner sings the praises of Joe Pulizzi’s book entitled “Epic Content Marketing” which chronicles the benefits of being a effective storytelling when publishing your marketing content. The ability to make your customers a part of the story will go farther than simply telling the story of what you have to sell. Readers will gain true value from effective storytelling and relate the service or product with how it can enhance their own lives, or story if you will.

Publishing effective content as a storyteller will establish an emotional connection with your audience and the want to share with like-minded individuals leading to a larger social footprint.  Brenner poses that as the publisher of good content we must first identify the top questions of our intended audience and then tell the story of how your products and service can answer that question. In providing such helpful content, you can increase the likeliness of shared content and elevate your marketing plan from advertising to trusted source. Joe Pulizzis book is available on Amazon, just click on the title Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less, and as always a strategic marketing partnership is the best way to ensure your business is taking a publishers approach to content marketing.

In another great article posted on The Dentistry iQ Network, Glenn Lombardi outlines 5 Lessons in expert social media marketing. During the weekly marketing research I conduct, the reoccurring theme is participation and interaction. All too often practices are posting content pertaining to their practice as their sole source of social information. This breaks the primary rule of social media, the production of quality, shareable content. Lombardi states that the approach to social media must be content before sales with the goal of educating, entertaining, and engaging (Lombardi’s 3-E’s).

One you have posted, interact with those that share your content, post responses, and seek out unrelated content to your posts to broaden your social circle. It is not enough just to be present on social media; you must be an active player to reap the true benefits of social media for your practice. Check out Glenn Lombardi’s article by clicking the link above for more helpful marketing must such as post consistency, content diversity based on platform, and a healthy blend of all social media available.

By now, it is no secret that the effective application of marketing to social media is necessary to grow your business. Comparing social media to a toolbox, Dr. Lou Shuman advises you know the enclosed tools well to ensure you are applying the proper tool to the job to construct a complete project.  An integrated approach to marketing through use of such tools as blogs, Facebook, twitter, and other forms of social media can ensure your message is getting to the intended user but that may not be enough. It is not enough solely to share company information; your practice should be producing patient oriented and shareable content. In addition, your social media post should combine a healthy mix of professional information and personal such as volunteer efforts, posting video blogs of procedures, and other personalization that can separate your practices identity.

Thinking outside the box is also necessary when generating sharable content and differentiating your practice. Dr. Shuman advises that sweepstakes and contests can provide a jolt to your social media presence. A recent article published this week spoke of a dental practice in North Carolina participating in the state literacy program by giving out books to children at their annual checkup. Ideas like these can gain social media steam, gain national attention, and enhance your community. For other strategies, make sure to check out Dr. Shuman’s article entitled Social media marketing: Effective strategies to accelerate dental practice growth

The ability to obtain referrals from current patients can breathe new financial life to a practice. A recent blog by Jill Nesbitt titled Grow from your past success chronicles several simple steps to ensure your firm is maximizing its marketing success and referrals.

Nesbitt advises documentation of every new referral by inquiring of the new patient who refers them to the practice. A simple thank you to the referring patient in the form of a card or in person can make all the difference to ensure future referrals from that patient as well as adding a personalized touch. Nesbitt also recommends that use of tracking software (or a spreadsheet) to break down where additional referrals ore coming from whether it be patients, yellow pages, internet, or other various sources. By compiling the spreadsheet or running a report at least every six months practices can gain insight into the allocation of valuable marketing dollars. The implementation of referral metrics combined with a strategic marketing partner can ensure your efforts are focused and the maximization on return of your marketing dollar.