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In order for health facilities to keep their patients coming back they have to build a relationship with them. Patients want to feel like their provider truly has their best interest in mind. They also have certain expectations, such as respect for their time, good clinical outcome, and improvement of their health through their treatment. The following strategies are ways medical staff can improve physician-patient relationships:
1. Identify the different types of patient visits- Patients go any see doctors for different reasons. Some go in for a diagnosis, others for a follow up, and some for an annual visit. Each of these patients are going in with different expectations and it should be your staffs responsibility to identify these expectations.
2. Conduct a clinic huddle each morning- a quick morning huddle can benefit the clinic. It gives you time to go over schedules and identify potential problems that may occur.
3. Prescreen patients at scheduling- it can be very beneficial for your front desk staff to prescreen your patients with the initial appointment. They should call the patient and ask questions about the reason for their visit and what the need from the physician. Also, have all the paperwork need done before the patient comes to the office.
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