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The new Affordable Care Act is changing healthcare in many ways. Most healthcare CEOs last about three years because many of them do not have a healthcare background. Here are some ways you can survive healthcare marketing and seize opportunities.

Invest in Owned Media- advertising rates are constantly increasing. Google has increased their cost-per-click just last year by 10 percent. Owned media include a conferences, video channels, or blogs. It is still expensive but the cost is constant, unlike online advertising.

Get ready for the voice search revolution- voice search is becoming more and more popular. When marketing providers should focus on context rather than exact matches since people tend to speak conversational.

Bring in the Social Healthcare CEO- we live in a time where the CEO must be involved in social media if your want your company to succeed. By having CEO active to the public they are more accessible to journalist, talent and investors. Social media also helps create a competitive advantage.

Capitalizing on Chaos- Invest on the new media treads and stay on top of this ever changing industry.

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Marketing strategies can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. The key to a successful dental practice is to avoid major marketing mistakes that many practices find themselves making. Here are some things that you want to avoid:
1. Location, location, location- choosing an unprofitable location can detrimental to your business. You want to find a location with a professional –to population ration that is healthy. You as want to find a location where you have plenty of space to advertise your practice.
2. Phone shoppers- not properly training or managing you telephone can be your practice’s downfall. Your phone specialist must be trained in a way they can turn prospects into patients. Great telephone personalities with the right answers can make a big difference.
3. Internal Marketing System- not having an effective internal marketing system can really hurt a dental practice. Most do have a referral, loyalty and retention program but do not manage them properly. You can help your internal marketing by asking everyone for referrals and by asking in a manner that calls to action.
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Abington Hospital in Abington, PA has being making great strides in the way they are marketing. We’ve all heard the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” and that is just was their marketing department is doing. What they are doing is taking their long standing tagline one step forward by making it a campaign. There tagline for many years now has be “the power to heal,” and now they are expanding with the ‘Power’ campaign. They are explaining to their patients what exactly their ‘power’ is focusing on.

Many facilities and organizations can learn from this because it shows that you don’t necessarily start all over. A few changes in a positive direction can bring back previous patients as well as attract new ones.

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Anyone in marketing will tell you that social media is an absolute must when it comes to marketing. However, it is only helpful if you use these sites correctly. Since Facebook has started to reduce the visibility of business pages some practices have decided to use their personal pages to market their organization and this is a big no-no and here is why:
1. You are not allowed to mix personal and business accounts- Facebook’s user- terms do not allow this. If you use your personal page for business your page may be cancelled for violating these terms.
2. Too many friends- personal Facebook pages let you have a max of 5,000 friends where as a business page there is no limit. You may have the option to transfer your friends but you risk losing the majority of those friends in the transfer.
3. The lack of analytics on your personal page- your business page offers more analytics than your personal page. And what’s the point of marketing if you cannot examine what is effective?
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Physician involvement becomes more and more important in healthcare marketing every day. This makes sense because what do patients go to healthcare facilities for? To see the doctor of course! It is no wonder marketing departments have been teaming up with physicians to develop strategies and marketing goals for their organizations.
One major way physicians can be involved in marketing is through patient acquisition. Christine Holt said it best, “physicians deliver a patient experience that either reinforces the brand or not.” Through referrals and their affiliations with healthcare physicians drive patient volumes. At the end of the day healthcare is all about the patients’ outcomes, visits and volume. With these increasing so will ROI, page views and open rates.
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Have you ever heard it’s not what you say but how you say it? Well this holds true and plays a big role in healthcare marketing and health literacy. Not everyone reading your website or visiting your facility understands medical jargon. This is why we must advertise and deliver healthcare in a way that people will understand. A couple of ways health literacy may help your organization are:
– Increased enrollment
– Higher utilization rates
How does health literacy help in those areas you ask? When people understand what exactly you are providing they don’t feel a need to ask so many questions. They see the programs you offer and that they are easily accessible. People want things made simple and better they understand the easier it becomes.
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We live in a world where we have an unbelievable amount of information at our fingertips. Industries are developing new tools for their costumers to engage digitally with their brands and products. It seems like all industries are using digital marketing to attract the consumer with retailers offering coupons or restaurants making it easier to make reservations or order online.
Healthcare, however, seems to be falling short. Sure health care has taken part with health monitoring apps and online patient portals but there is so much more the health care industry can take advantage of. Marketers can use these digital tools to improve patients’ health experiences. Make it easier for facilities to interact online with their patients and build relationships with current and future patients. Health care facility can also use these tools to empower the patient. Teach them how to take charge of their own health.
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