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  • Knowing Your Target Audience is Key to Medical Marketing Services

Knowing your target audience means that every word, sentence, and paragraph is directed to a particular kind of person. When creating your marketing plan, imagine your ideal target audience and what is going on in their mind. When your audience views your website, they should feel like you wrote the information just for them.

  • Conveying Your Expertise

Showcase that your team has the knowledge and expertise to provide services. This can be done by sharing medical knowledge or even by posting pictures of the staff working. You can also talks on the local new about medical topics. You can also send press releases to the local media with your commentary if something significant has happened in your industry.

  • Build a Professional Image

If you create a professional-looking website, you make a brand for yourself.  Patients are looking beyond just what you can offer and are looking for providers that can provide a memorable brand

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Dental practices are relying more on marketing to attract and retain patients. To successfully keep your practice competitive, follow the three major components below.

Patient services

  • Offer incentives to patients who keep appointments.
  • Reward patients who follow through on recommended treatment plans.
  • Offer rewards for loyalty programs.

Examples for incentives can be free cleanings, discounts, free brushes, or complimentary services.


A recent Gallup study shows one third of Americans haven’t made a visit to the dentist during the past year, and it shows a decline in visits among all groups surveyed with the exception of the 65+ age group. In today’s marketplace, dental

practices must meet patients where they are to attract visits or cater to the needs and wants of those patients to obtain that marketshare.


Characterize your dental practice persona. Use a unique logo and tagline. Incorporate a consistent color scheme and font type. Uphold etiquette requirements for every patient.

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Physicians are constantly looking for way to attract new patients to their practice. Visibility and relationships is key and here are some simple ways you can build your practice and attract new patients:
1. Think about branding- a strong and clear brand is sure fire way to bring in new patients. A strong brand can build trust, comfort and loyalty. You want to make sure your brand message is clear. Your brand should also make you stick out from the competition. Once you have your brand established you must aim for consistency and make sure it is clear on all printed material.
2. Nurture your current patients- make sure to take care of your current patients. If you are consistent in making your patients happy the will tell their friends and family, which in turn could turn into potential new patients. Ask your patients if they are satisfied and they will tell you. If there are thing that need improvement they are the ones that will know. Then once you know you can fix it.
3. Embrace social media- you knew that as coming! There are millions of people communicating over social media everyday. This is the easiest and quickest way to get your medical practice out there. Your page also tells people a lot about you, so if done correctly it can bring in a lot of new patients.
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As stated in the article, jumping into social media is similar to jumping into unchartered waters. There are so many directions that social media can take you, and if you are unsure how to navigate yourself, you may get lost in the giant sea of branding, messages, and advertisement. To be on social media is to be connected 24/7 with your audience. To manage these tasks, 5 steps have been listed. If the opportunity arises to start or improve your social media skills, these steps will help guide you in the right direction.
STEP 1: Before you get started, monitor sites. Spending a solid month searching and lurking on competitor or social sites is the best way to understand how the site works. Seeing an array of people, companies, and advertisement on social media will help you understand the point of particular sites and what may be necessary for your company.
STEP 2: Determine your goals. These wise words of wisdom are never wrong. As long as you always know what direction you want your company to go, you will always have a good direction for your goals. Knowing what type of advertisement if best for you will help narrow down which social media site is a perfect fit.
STEP 3: Be intentional; take one site at a time. If you jump into multiple social media sites, it can be overwhelming. Furthermore, it may be unnecessary and a waste of time, which could be put into the one social media site. Your audience will have a certain site and by establishing a base with one, connecting the others will come eventually.

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