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  • Knowing Your Target Audience is Key to Medical Marketing Services

Knowing your target audience means that every word, sentence, and paragraph is directed to a particular kind of person. When creating your marketing plan, imagine your ideal target audience and what is going on in their mind. When your audience views your website, they should feel like you wrote the information just for them.

  • Conveying Your Expertise

Showcase that your team has the knowledge and expertise to provide services. This can be done by sharing medical knowledge or even by posting pictures of the staff working. You can also talks on the local new about medical topics. You can also send press releases to the local media with your commentary if something significant has happened in your industry.

  • Build a Professional Image

If you create a professional-looking website, you make a brand for yourself.  Patients are looking beyond just what you can offer and are looking for providers that can provide a memorable brand

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Making a successful website for your practice isn’t about having content and pictures displayed.  It is about building a website that will attract people to visit, share, and utilize your services.  Below are three ideas to follow to manage an effective website.

Stamp Your Brand on Your Dental Website

Ensure our brand is reflected on the website, as it is an extension of your dental practice. Your brand is the image you want to present to the world. It should also be reflected in your logo, and your office space.

Consider Length of Dental Posts for Your Dental Website 

The best length for posts for web pages depends on the content provided and the way you format it. Even if you want provide a large amount of information, you can break it into smaller chunks by using subtitles and bullet points.  Longer web pages and blog posts allow for more search engine optimization by allowing you to use more keywords and links.

Make Your Dental Website a Source of Information

Most people use the Internet to research topics. By making your dental website a great source of information you encourage more visitors.

It is important to provide information about dental services, dental products, office location, and dental staff. However, consider making your dental website a great source of other dental-related information. Use your dental blog to post about the latest happenings in the dental field as well as the latest happenings at your dental office. Don’t make it all about how to floss and brush. Give visitors a reason to return week after week.

Keep in mind that visitors often judge your brand by looking at your website. The content, images, and design go a long way in setting you apart from other dentists. Take the time to make your dental website successful.

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Dental practices are relying more on marketing to attract and retain patients. To successfully keep your practice competitive, follow the three major components below.

Patient services

  • Offer incentives to patients who keep appointments.
  • Reward patients who follow through on recommended treatment plans.
  • Offer rewards for loyalty programs.

Examples for incentives can be free cleanings, discounts, free brushes, or complimentary services.


A recent Gallup study shows one third of Americans haven’t made a visit to the dentist during the past year, and it shows a decline in visits among all groups surveyed with the exception of the 65+ age group. In today’s marketplace, dental

practices must meet patients where they are to attract visits or cater to the needs and wants of those patients to obtain that marketshare.


Characterize your dental practice persona. Use a unique logo and tagline. Incorporate a consistent color scheme and font type. Uphold etiquette requirements for every patient.

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Most of us have struggled with teaching our parent and/or our grandparents how to use the internet. However, about six out of ten Americans 65 and older use the internet and about 47 percent have internet in their home. Here are some finding from a survey of 5,000 Americans 65 and older that is useful for those in the business of developing health IT.

1. A little more about age- Seniors in the 75-79 age group has a 47 percent fall in Internet adoption and broadband adoption decreases 34 percent.

2. Income and education level play a role-Americans aged 65-75 that tend to use the internet are highly educated and affluent. They also tend to have a positive view toward the online platform.

3. Social networks-These stats will definitely be handy for anyone marketing to our seniors: 46% of the seniors going online also use social networks. More senior women use social networking sites and only about 39 percent of men do. The younger the senior the more likely they will look at social networks. Only about 27 percent of seniors 80 and older use social networks. Twitter is not popular among the seniors’, only 6 percent have said to use it.

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The new Affordable Care Act is changing healthcare in many ways. Most healthcare CEOs last about three years because many of them do not have a healthcare background. Here are some ways you can survive healthcare marketing and seize opportunities.

Invest in Owned Media- advertising rates are constantly increasing. Google has increased their cost-per-click just last year by 10 percent. Owned media include a conferences, video channels, or blogs. It is still expensive but the cost is constant, unlike online advertising.

Get ready for the voice search revolution- voice search is becoming more and more popular. When marketing providers should focus on context rather than exact matches since people tend to speak conversational.

Bring in the Social Healthcare CEO- we live in a time where the CEO must be involved in social media if your want your company to succeed. By having CEO active to the public they are more accessible to journalist, talent and investors. Social media also helps create a competitive advantage.

Capitalizing on Chaos- Invest on the new media treads and stay on top of this ever changing industry.

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Bringing in new patients is important but it is how they feel after they leave that really matters. Their first visit is their initial impression of the facility and when they make their decision to either return or look for something new. You want your patients to keep coming back so here are some ways your organization can do that.
1. Have a written plan and live by it- set a standard of care for your patients your staff can work off of. Make it clear and simple and use it daily.
2. Chart a course that goes the extra mile-You want to go the extra mile for your patient. Pay attention to their needs and answer all their questions thoroughly. Patients want to feel taken care of.
3. Anticipate needs and exceed expectations- do something unexpected, something that goes beyond the medical help their seeking. This will help you set yourself apart from other facilities.
4. Sincerity is a fundamental job requirement- Make sure you and your staff are genuine when giving care. Most people can detect sincerity, so show it!
5. The goal is trust; the super-goal is trusting relationship- the patient must be able to trust you. Trust that you are there to help them, to trust in your treatment, and to trust in your respect and understanding. Show this at all times.

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Marketing strategies can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. The key to a successful dental practice is to avoid major marketing mistakes that many practices find themselves making. Here are some things that you want to avoid:
1. Location, location, location- choosing an unprofitable location can detrimental to your business. You want to find a location with a professional –to population ration that is healthy. You as want to find a location where you have plenty of space to advertise your practice.
2. Phone shoppers- not properly training or managing you telephone can be your practice’s downfall. Your phone specialist must be trained in a way they can turn prospects into patients. Great telephone personalities with the right answers can make a big difference.
3. Internal Marketing System- not having an effective internal marketing system can really hurt a dental practice. Most do have a referral, loyalty and retention program but do not manage them properly. You can help your internal marketing by asking everyone for referrals and by asking in a manner that calls to action.
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