“Easy Marketing for Your Private Practice”

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Every business needs marketing of some kind, even if it is as simple as signage and your information listed in a directory. This is especially important for medical private practices. Without marketing it can make it difficult for potential and current patients to access you.
Looking to market more but have a tight budget? Listed below are some easy ways to market without spending extra money.
– When you are in a conversation where you are discussing what you do, show passion. Showing genuine interest in your practice and conveying to others that you love what you do will make them want to talk about you to others and market for you.
– Don’t just network with fellow doctors and known healthcare leaders. You never know the connections others have. Perhaps build relationships with your morning barista, your local grocery staff, church attendees, etc.
-Be a guest writer on medical blogs or start your own blog that drives readers to your website.
Use marketing avenues you feel comfortable with. If you are good at writing-write articles. If you are better with words, use your speech to persuade others and perhaps speak at your yearly medical convention

To learn more about how to market using your strengths please visit: http://pro.psychcentral.com/kickstart/2014/09/easy-marketing-for-your-private-practice/


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