Interesting Findings about Seniors’ Internet use from Pew Research

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Business to business marketing, Dental Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, Marketing, Medical Marketing
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Most of us have struggled with teaching our parent and/or our grandparents how to use the internet. However, about six out of ten Americans 65 and older use the internet and about 47 percent have internet in their home. Here are some finding from a survey of 5,000 Americans 65 and older that is useful for those in the business of developing health IT.

1. A little more about age- Seniors in the 75-79 age group has a 47 percent fall in Internet adoption and broadband adoption decreases 34 percent.

2. Income and education level play a role-Americans aged 65-75 that tend to use the internet are highly educated and affluent. They also tend to have a positive view toward the online platform.

3. Social networks-These stats will definitely be handy for anyone marketing to our seniors: 46% of the seniors going online also use social networks. More senior women use social networking sites and only about 39 percent of men do. The younger the senior the more likely they will look at social networks. Only about 27 percent of seniors 80 and older use social networks. Twitter is not popular among the seniors’, only 6 percent have said to use it.

For the other four findings please visit:


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