Nine Free Ways to Quickly Engage Patients and Build Enduring Loyalty

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Business to business marketing, Dental Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, Marketing, Medical Marketing
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Bringing in new patients is important but it is how they feel after they leave that really matters. Their first visit is their initial impression of the facility and when they make their decision to either return or look for something new. You want your patients to keep coming back so here are some ways your organization can do that.
1. Have a written plan and live by it- set a standard of care for your patients your staff can work off of. Make it clear and simple and use it daily.
2. Chart a course that goes the extra mile-You want to go the extra mile for your patient. Pay attention to their needs and answer all their questions thoroughly. Patients want to feel taken care of.
3. Anticipate needs and exceed expectations- do something unexpected, something that goes beyond the medical help their seeking. This will help you set yourself apart from other facilities.
4. Sincerity is a fundamental job requirement- Make sure you and your staff are genuine when giving care. Most people can detect sincerity, so show it!
5. The goal is trust; the super-goal is trusting relationship- the patient must be able to trust you. Trust that you are there to help them, to trust in your treatment, and to trust in your respect and understanding. Show this at all times.

For the other four ways to engage patients and build enduring loyalty please visit:


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