Three Patient Relation Strategies for Every Medical Practice

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Healthcare Marketing, Marketing, Medical Marketing
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: Having a good patient relationship is very important to every medical practice. This relationship is important because it creates loyal clients and could bring in new patients. The following are some strategies that every medical practice should consider.
1. Prioritize community outreach as a key factor in personal development plans- with information so easily accessible consumers now research providers before selecting one. They rely on reviews from other patients, word of mouth and quality data. Being seen out in the community can help your practice. People like to see people in action and helping. This gives the patients an opportunity respect or the physician by seeing them as a leader and community member.
2. Institute a morning huddle- A morning huddle with your practice can set up your day. Taking a few minutes to go over the schedule, review accomplishments and challenges, and how you plan today a successful one. During this time set goals and review how you accomplished them in the next morning huddle.
3. Say thank you- such a simple concept. A thank you goes a long way. Make sure you say thank you to every patient each and every time you see them. The rest of your staff should say thank you as well. If you see your patients as customers the more likely they will return and refer your practice to others.
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