How Making Hospital Quality Data Public Affects Providers

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Business to business marketing, Dental Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, Legal Marketing, Marketing, Medical Marketing
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As a society we search for reviews on just about everything online, from movies and restaurants to hotels and vacation spots. It should not be a surprise that healthcare reviews are also now being posted for all to see. People want to know where to go not only for the best doctors and treatment but for which facilities are most attentive and considerate of their time.
Hospitals in Utah have begun to have patients comment their services directly on the hospital websites. The problem with reviews on other sites is that no one knows who these reviewers are since they are anonymous. They could be other physicians or disgruntled employees. By having patients comment directly on their websites these hospitals are show casing online transparency. They are receiving both positive and negative comments and use the negative comments as tools for education.
Over time these hospitals have seen quality only improve. They see where they are failing and work to improve on those issues. This is a very helpful tool that we will be seeing expand in the future. All healthcare facilities want to improve their quality and what better way to get intel on how to improve than from surveying patients themselves.
For more information on how making quality data public affects providers visit this link:


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