Now that your company has decided it wants to jump into the social media world, it is best to evaluate what information you are displaying to the consumers. Just because you have social media advertisement does not mean you are turning your company into “a work of art” that customers would want to purchase. Organization and brainstorming are always helpful skills with these types of reformations. However, we have provided you with 5 easy steps to figure out how to turn your watercolors into a Picasso.

1) Create a Shortlist. This process if very similar to brainstorming. Collect 5-10 peers and have them generate multiple searchable tags in search engines such as Google or Bing.
2) Do the Detective Work. After step 1, browse the competitors that pop up in the search engines. “How social is their website?” “Which social platforms did they utilize?” “What customers are replying to their blog and what is said as a response?”
3) Analyze the Data. See which competitors are doing the best and what techniques they are using to get these positive results.

To read the last 2 steps, click the link below:


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