To Win at Legal Marketing, Know Who Is On The Other Side of the Ball

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Business to business marketing, Legal Marketing, Marketing
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Marketing a law firm can be a difficult challenge. With the supply of law firms being gigantic, the demand for your particular law firm may be small. To begin with the marketing efforts towards your particular law firm, a lot of information must be gathered and portrayed properly. How to properly do this takes an array of steps. Not to mention, checking out what the competition is doing is a smart place to start. Below is a list of ideas you can use to become acquainted with your competitors to gain an important edge in your legal marketing efforts.
• Review and analyze their website and social media profiles. You will be surprised what a law firm will reveal on their website and social networks. Be sure to look up their individual attorneys on LinkedIn and other social networks.
• Enlist a friend’s help to interview their associates as a potential client. Be prepared with a list of questions before they place the actual call. Choose questions that will reveal important data about the competition. A simple telephone call can produce a wealth of information about the competition’s law firm marketing techniques.
• Ask them to mail you some information about their law firm. The type of legal marketing material they send out will speak volumes about who they are and how they conduct business.
• Sign-up for their e-newsletter (using your personal email address, of course)

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