Don’t Feed the Penguin: Link Earning vs. Link Building

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Integrated marketing includes the use of backlinks or “external” connections from other sites that point back to your website. Other forms of connecting to users such as page titles and Meta tags are more common examples of fostering site visits. However, backlinks connect with search engines to legitimize your site consequently listing it at a higher quality. Here are some effective link earning tips to keep your website in good graces with search engines:

–          Provide link-worthy content

Creating relevant and useful information for consumers is the best means of increasing search rankings and improving backlinks.

–          Participate in active, authentic online communities

Doing so will provide consumers with insight into your business as well as foster sharing among consumers.

–          Explore cross promotion and social sharing

Backlinks on social media is a means of connecting with customers and strategic partners. Sharing across social networks and platforms can boost your link earning potential.

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