Keys to Earning Customer Trust

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

A common rule of thumb is to do business with individuals that you ‘know, like and trust’. This concept is what drives most integrated marketing tactics including content marketing as it is centered in establishing trust with clients. The following are tactics in which leading brands have worked towards building consumer trust:

–          Have a Purpose

Having a mission statement is not enough. Companies must have purpose and an understanding of the promise in which it delivers to clients.

–          Deliver Quality

All members of the organization need to be shining examples of the mission. Accordingly, organization leaders must have the skills to motivate and empower employees to ensure customer needs are exceeded.

–          Empower Employees

For front-line staff within organizations, empowerment from leadership provides these employees with the authority to resolve issues and satisfy customer needs.

–          Listen Carefully

Feedback from employees is essential for an employer to function effectively. Whether positive or negative, paying careful attention to employee feedback is essential to gaining trust.

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