Integrating nostalgia with today’s marketing

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

What is one element in common with whiskey, shampoo, floppy disks, and video games? The means in which its producers effectively integrate nostalgia into their modern day marketing mix. Being able to integrate “what was” with “what’s now” has allowed top brands such as Old Navy and Arby’s to effectively attract and retain clients. Here are some tips to increase your organizations’ Brand Power Index (BPI):

–          Incorporating a classic celebrity or icon within promotions

Read more about Jack Daniels’ Sinatra Select’ and its impact on the company BPI

–          Utilizing social media to foster fan nostalgia

Read more about how Herbal’s Essences’ throwback commercial increased BPI

–          Reflecting and revising marketing that previously worked

Read more about how Microsoft increased BPI from focusing on past generations


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