Steal this: Three email marketing tips from the masters

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

With the evolution of technology, staying current and knowledgeable of the best email marketing strategies can be difficult. To aid in these efforts, experts email marketers have provided three tips in effectively advancing email marketing efforts:

–          Personalize email to boost open rates

Many high-performing companies have seen the benefits in personalizing email marketing messages as in helps foster a rapport with the customer. Subject lines including the name of the recipient with and additional value point (e.g, location, sales history) can aid in creating a solid email marketing blast.

–          Remember, it’s not a beauty contest

Marketing experts have stated that quite frequently the least appealing email carries more weight with clientele. Accordingly, email marketers should not be such a stickler on the contents of an email blast and instead focus on testing as well as targeting your audience.

–          Incorporate the element of surprise

Creating fan-service gestures or consumer specials on off seasons can also advance email marketing efforts. Surprising your clientele can thrill customers into purchasing items and staying connected with your business.

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