According to the new rise FDA draft guidance document being released, Pharmaceutical ads are on the about to be everywhere. . The new FDA document now allows an increase in these types of ads to show up on social media websites. A comment was made that this was a “good start” in the right direction for marketers. The main focus of this update is that interactive promotional media will have more requirements, which has been seen as a set back for some. Wayne Pines, the president of APCO Worldwide praises the drafted manuscript and explains its guided direction.

The idea behind the revision is to hold the companies accountable for what they are posting on the Internet. The return for this plan is that the ad occurrence will increase. “I think that the regulated companies and the media/communications companies were expecting a much more detailed guidance, setting forth what they can and cannot do with social media,” stated Pines. John Kamp, the Coalition for Healthcare Communication executive director, will come as a benefit with the modest increase in social media. He strongly believes this will not be a “flood gate” of ads, but more of a target to create adequate and foolproof advertisement for healthcare agencies.

To read more about this new change from the FDA, click the link below:


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