Six Mistakes Even Legal Marketing “Experts” Routinely Make

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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There are many people out there that would like to label themselves as “experts.” These experts in the legal marketing field regularly ignore a number of fundamental principles that could possibly help the business grow. An average law firm needs a step up and neglecting any aspect of marketing is detrimental to its success. If you carry out these six basic steps, your firm will be in the right direction to becoming the marketing powerhouse.

  1. Not Understanding the Source of your Success – By not measuring the success your current marketing is or is not bringing to your firm is the first fault one can make for their business. Without methods put into action to aid in tracking and analyzing your company’s progress, there will be limited insight as to your firm’s numbers.
  2. Marketing Without a Purpose – Victorious law firms create goals and strategies. Having an apparent set of objectives in mind can facilitate a firm to accomplish its goals fruitfully.
  3. Assuming the Current Flow of Clients Will Continue – The largest part of errors that frequently occur in a firm’ marketing, they assuming that because it is busy today that you’ll be busy tomorrow.
  4. Not Staying in Touch with Clients – Attorneys often forget or neglect the clients that they already have in the system. The constant struggle to bring in new cases can be easily solved by resorting back to clients that have already been acquainted with your firm.

To read about the remaining two steps, click the link below.


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