Marketing with Signage: Fast Relief for Medical Practitioners

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Within the current health care industry, practitioners are experiencing difficulty in promoting medical services. In response, many health care providers are looking towards signage to gain a marketing advantage.
Placing banners, posters, window signs and counter cards throughout the office and exam rooms have proven to educate patients as well as increase revenue. Here are some tips as to furthering marketing strategies within a medical practice:
– Build trust, open doors
Do not underestimate the power of signage. Even small signage within a waiting room has an effect on the information retained by patients. This repeated exposure can foster interest, patient-provider trust-building and cross-selling.
– Educate, market, and grow
Signage can be a very effective means of health communication as they can bring about awareness towards a specific health initiative such as outbreaks, follow-ups, and healthy alternatives.
– Keep it short and sweet
When utilizing signage as a form of health communication, keep your message brief. Utilize attractive yet relevant visual aids to create a positive message and develop repeat business.
To read more about each tip visit:


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