5 Examples of Social Media in Healthcare Marketing

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Data from How America Searches: Health and Wellness has shown that over 34% of patients use social media to search for health information. This means practices should strongly consider having a presence in the social media community. Here are 5 examples of how you can let the web work for you by using it’s marketing advantages:

1. Tweet Live Procedures – Henry Ford Hospital was the first to tweet updates throughout a kidney surgery live from the OR. Medical and non medical people alike tuned in with interest, following along and gaining HFH quite a bit of attention.

2. Train Medical Personnel – Showing employees how to utilize social media and how important it is to the organization can provide many benefits such as these:

-Giving trainees a forum to ask questions and quickly receive answers
-Providing presenters with immediate feedback from trainees (i.e., if trainees have mastered a concept of if more guidance is needed)
-Enabling organizations to complement healthcare marketing efforts by sharing slideshows, video or pictures from training sessions on social sites like YouTube or Flickr

3. Research Mainstream Media – Middleberg Communications reports a 29% increase in the amount of journalists that use social media while reporting. Healthcare marketers should focus on blogs and forums to share success stories and medical advancements.

4. Communicate in Times of Crisis – Providers can use social media sites to stay up to date with patients during disasters or other dangerous situations. During the November Ford Hood shooting, Scott & White Healthcare used their twitter to to provide updates minute to minute. Steven Widman, an employee recorded these findings to the Found In Cache Blog:

-Twitter followers increased 78% in just three days
-Scott & White Healthcare was listed on the front page of Twitter as a “trending topic”
-The hospital’s YouTube channel was ranked the 79th most viewed non-profit channel during the entire week surrounding the crisis

5. Provide Accurate Information to Patients – There is so much inaccurate information available on the internet, it is hard to find a reliable source. Using social media to give patients accurate information will help them trust you and keep coming back to your organization for more information.

For more detail on the 5 examples of social media click the link below:


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