Investing in the Health Of Our Communities

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

The government has announced they will be providing grants for community health centers under the Affordable Care Act. The White House estimates the grants will help nearly 1.25 million new patients through funding many community health centers. Community health centers are many people’s primary source of care in major cities. The grants will focus on funding and improving health centers in underserved areas and ones that provide primary and culturally competent care.

Enrollment events for the ACA are taking place at these health centers as well. Most recently, a health center in Detroit held an enrollment event where people could come sign up for the new Health Insurance Marketplace or Medicaid. Since 2009, community health centers have delivered care to over 4 million new patients and 21 million people each year. Since then, HHS has helped support 450 new access points through the Recovery Act and the Affordable Care Act to bring care to 2.5 billion patients across the nation.

Often, patients seek care through health centers because they are without insurance or a primary care physician. These centers provide education and services to people who would be otherwise confused where to turn. Employees and a community health center can provide you assistance when searching for insurance and can answer questions about the new changes. These new grants will provide centers the opportunity to grow and assist even more people.

The White House speaks more about grants and investing in community centers here:


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