5 Things to Know About Health Marketing

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Getting involved in the vertical rising of online health has many disadvantages. Be sure you know what you are getting involved in and how to not get lost in the complex internet world. Here are 5 things you should know about marketing for health:

1.    Health Management is evolving – Customers are demanding more choices and price transparency. They are looking to connect with doctors digitally more and more.

2.    Compliance is paramount – Healthcare is a unique area for it usually doesn’t allow of mistakes or second chances. Keeping up to date with HIPAA and Medicare/Medicaid regulations is done easier through online channels.

3.    Chronic health conditions are growing – Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, are on the rise. The number of diabetics is thought to double by 2050. Offering information and solutions to a larger audience is possible through effective online marketing.

4.    Health issues are emotional – Tap into people’s emotions, marketing to help people cope with their feelings will make an impact and add value.

5.    Patients need a voice – Patients appreciate having a place to connect and interact with people they can relate to, so create platform for this to happen. Social media has been the perfect place for people to support each other and seek expert advice.

Find out more about what you should know when marketing health at the link below:



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