It may seem rudimentary to say the gearing of marketing toward your potential customers is essential but with today’s use of technology and available information most companies are assuming who their customers are without delving into further research.  Customer demographics are more available than ever as illustrated by a recent article posted to the Mashable website entitled “Marketers, Do You Really Know Your Customers?”.  The article encourages companies to know who is looking at your products via the monitoring of user profiles to know who is looking versus who you what to be looking and more importantly who is buying those products.

          In addition to visitor demographics, it is important to note how that visitor accesses product information whether by use of mobile devices, computers, or specific search engines. This information can determine other critical statistics such as conversion rates, average revenue per user, visitor behavior upon accessing the site, and ultimately the best layout for your page.  Visitor profiles also help determine the behavior of particular demographic, who is buying, who is browsing, and other trends to help refine your marketing and website strategy.  The article recommends employing the BUS model of obtaining demographics through behavioral, usage, and situational studies. For a full explanation of the BUS model and more information on getting to know your potential customer demographics check out the article by clicking Marketers, Do You Really Know Your Customers?.

          By entering into a strategic marketing partnership, you can assure implementation of the proper metrics to determine a marketing strategy based on demographics and action. Contact Koreen Hart of Hart Marketing by calling (321)-662-1660 or via email at You can also check out the Hart website at



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