Dentists love referral business from their patients however, equally as important is marketing to obtain new patients therefore retaining new sources for future referrals.  In an article posted to The dentistry iQ Network website entitled “Marketing – what works and why” by Michael Kesner, DDS, Dr. Kesner illustrates the need for an effective marketing campaign to grow ones business.  Kesner asserts that when constructing your marketing campaign one should be wary of stating the obvious that does little to market the uniqueness of your practice. Marketing to display professionalism, gentleness, continuing of education and use of the latest technology are simply restating what potential customers assuming should be baseline criteria for the practice.

Dr. Kesner poses that the removal of risk for the potential new patient is paramount in a marketing campaign stating marketing will make the phone ring but the removal of risk will get them in the office. This removal of risk may come in the form of reduced fees from the initial visit or free consultations pertaining to potential services. This allows the potential patient to feel out the practice/physician without becoming financially committed and may lead to the establishment of a long-term relationship by beginning to build trust.  In addition, Kesner states that your marketing campaign is only as good as your front desk staff. Front desk staff must be trained how to convert those new calls to customers through a professional, inspiring, and courteous interaction.  Without the proper training of the front desk staff, your practice may be losing valuable patients leading to referrals and the loss of marketing dollars.

Check out the full article by clicking Marketing – what works and why. To speak with a professional about implementation of a strategic marketing plan contact Koreen Hart of Hart Marketing by calling (321)-662-1660 or via email at You can also check out the Hart website at



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