An interesting article posted to Medical Marketing and Media entitled “Mobile makes users more likely to switch brands: survey” illustrates the power of ensuring your company is branded as a trusted source for content. Citing a survey by Digitas Health the article illustrates the power of generating valuable mobile content. In researching 20 diseases over five therapeutic categories with smartphone users researchers concluded that “80% more likely to switch medications and twice as likely to ask for a brand name; when doctors use their mobile device in the exam room, patients were 30% more likely to switch medications”.

This lesson translates to all aspects of business marketing as a reminder to generate valuable content to establish your organization as an accessible and trusted industry source.  With more consumers opting to access information via a mobile platform, your organization must be up to task and respond with search-ending content.  The Digitas survey also lends credence to the value of establish an app for your practice citing research finding that nine of ten people use an app recommended to them by their physician. Once a customer downloads an app, they are more likely to access the app for their required information.  Pairing valuable content via a downloadable app with convenient services such as appointment scheduling or refilling prescription requirements ensures customers are enjoying an integrated experience without seeking out other sources of information or services. In addition, app functionality reduces staff requirements allowing them to focus on other aspects of your business leading to more quality patient experiences.

To check out the article head over to the Medical Marketing Media website by clicking Mobile makes users more likely to switch brands: survey.

To discuss the generation of quality mobile content and/or the potential marketing and organization benefits of establish your own app contact Koreen Hart of Hart Marketing by calling (321)-662-1660 or via email at You can also check out the Hart website at


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