Content marketing and the use of social media as marketing tools are the hot topic of the day leading to a decline in the use of email marketing. An article posted to the Forbes website entitled “Email Marketing: Think Inside The New Inbox” urges marketers to continue selecting email as a marketing tool as email continues to outpace common social media sites by producing close to 50x more acquired customers.  The article provides statistics illustrating a disconnect in the true value of email marketing stating that while the use of email marketing has declined nearly  20%, over 90% of consumers use email daily, email conversion rates triple that of social media, and average orders are close to 20% more than marketing via social media.

Social media helps to reaffirm your company’s brand image and establish your organization as a trusted source of content however being that email marketing is still the most effective tool for customer acquisition, it may be time to upgrade your email strategy.  The Forbes article provides helpful tips to ensure you are capturing the true power of email marketing such as,

  • While email content is important, the user experience from initial action to end result merits consideration.  Marketers should walk through the process to ensure customers are accessing the content they desire when they desire it (mobile platform access is key).
  • Metrics to capture data on which emails consumers are taking action with provides valuable feedback when considering future campaigns.
  • Even with the decline of email marketing, potential customers remain inundated with marketing emails. To ensure you are one of the few selected ensure you are providing as much personalized content as possible.

Check out the article over at Forbes for a more expanded view of the statistics and content related to email marketing by clicking Email Marketing: Think Inside The New Inbox. Generation of email marketing, establishing metrics, and ensuring a streamlined customer experience can prove time consuming and the use of a marketing professional ensures the generation of valuable content while you continue to focus on fulfilling the needs of your customers.

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