In today’s marketing world much time and expense goes into external marketing through the implementation of media campaigns, social media avenues, content, and mobile marketing leaving internal marketing as a form of customer retention unattended. An article posted to Physicians Practice entitled “Keeping Arguments and Drama out of Your Medical Practice” reminds Physicians and staff that the best marketing tool is to ensure happy and healthy patients are leaving the practice. The marketing buzz of today is the creation of shareable content for social media, ensuring your practice is providing a pleasant and memorable experience you are ensuring the sharing of that content from your patent to their friends, family, and even on social media when they see a friend asking for a physician recommendation.

In the article author, Audrey Mclaughlin, RN lists five simple steps to ensure a drama free practice as,

  • Leaders must conduct a self-assessment to ensure they are leading by the proper example
  • Investigate and diagnose issues then be proactive about snuffing them out
  • Handle issues ASAP and do not hope they simply go away.
  • Implement team building exercises and inject personal behavior training into regular staff meetings
  • Implement a no gossip policy to halt the rumor mill.

For greater detail on these five steps check out the article by clicking Keeping Arguments and Drama Out of Your Medical Practice. Working with a marketing professional can ensure the meeting of your external marketing needs while you tend to your practice internally ensuring enriched customer experience, customer retention, and a healthy work environment.

Contact Koreen Hart of Hart Marketing by calling (321)-662-1660 or via email at You can also check out the Hart website at


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