Physicians are considering the addition of concierge medicine as a means of improving access and services to patients while injecting cash flow into their practice. The implementation of concierge services to your practice requires proper planning keeping in mind the geographic area your practice services and the incomes of patients in that area. In addition, proper planning must include a sound marketing plan and exploration of practice goals as the implementation of a concierge program does not come as a one package fits all template.

An article posted on the Physicians Practice website by Wayne Lipton advises physicians to consider practice goals and physician experience in concierge care prior to implementation.  Mr. Lipton indicates such practice goals may include,

  • The addition of concierge services to bolster lost revenues
  • Reducing stress/strain on providers and practices
  • Aligning concierge care to enhance existing strategies, standards, and professionalism

Once physicians have goals for their concierge program in mind the next consideration is physician experience in the implementation of a concierge program.  Mr. Lipton references attending a recent conference on medical practice models and noting that half the doctors attending wanted to gain information on the proper method of concierge service implementation while the other half attended to fix problems with their concierge program after implementation.   Mr. Lipton provides the following advice when considering the implementation of your concierge program.

  • Establish practice goals for the program
  • Collaborate with those experienced in concierge service implementation
  • Measure the cost of implementation against practice goals for the service

For the complete article written by Mr. Lipton, click Key Advice for Physicians Considering Concierge Medicine. Consulting with a marketing professional will ensure you are marketing to the appropriate clientele and have a concierge-marketing plan ready to roll out simultaneous to the addition of the new service.

To speak with a marketing professional about your concierge-marketing plan contact Koreen Hart of Hart Marketing by calling (321)-662-1660 or via email at You can also check out the Hart website at


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