Jonathan Long, President and CEO of Market Domination Media, writes in a recent blog to the Huffington Post website that the content you generate for your business should be audience, not search engine, oriented. One can measure successful content more by the action viewers take such as re-blogging and sharing, than the amount of one-time clicks it generates.  In the blog, Long gives five helpful tips to increase the potential shareability of your content by visitors to your page.

  • Write with the end user in mind.
    • By writing with your audience in mind and not the search engine, you can generate valuable content to inform the visitor. In doing so your content will resonate and circulate organically as users seeking out and obtaining information will naturally want to use the information to inform their community.


  • Use your social media avenues to share content and ensure the content is easily shareable by visitors to your page.
    • Ensure content added to your website also makes the rounds on your social media platforms.  When uploading content take time to check accessibility and ease of sharing content. Long states that social triggers help increase ranking factors for search engine optimization.


  • Visual information is more absorbable.
    • Visual stimulation engages audience members more rapidly and as a result can lead to more traffic to your site. Appealing infographics that are professionally crafted result in greater shares and resonate longer with the audience leading to brand exposure and development.


  • Use metrics to monitor performance.
    • It is not enough simply to post endless streams of content. One must be diligent in monitoring their content and tracking its shareability. Long recommends adding Google Analytics UTM parameter tags to your URL as a simple but effective way to obtain tracking stats.


  • Be consistent.
    • Once you begin adding valuable content to your website and social media do not stop. The establishment of your content and therefore your business as a reliable source for information means that your captured audience will return to extract more information later. If the information the user seeks is not readily available your audience may seek out other sources for their information.


Check out the blog from Long over at the Huffington Post entitled 5 Tips for Successful Content Marketing . A relationship with a strategic marketing partner can ensure the generation of valuable, shareable content for your business.  Contact Koreen Hart of Hart Marketing by calling (321)-662-1660 or via email at You can also check out the Hart website at


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