Forbes published an article to their website that illustrates the top marketing trends and hot topics for 2014 based on the recently held Marketing Forum USA conference in Scottsdale Arizona. Top marketers from around the nation gather at this invite-only event to discuss the upcoming marketing landscape for the upcoming year. The article chronicles the hottest marketing trends to focus on for the upcoming year such as:

  • The generation of shareable content in an effort to have an indirect conversation with consumers
  • The movement of marketing from selling to relevance
  • Establishment of relevant dialogue to achieve trust and portray integrity
  • Creation of content that provides meaningful solutions and increasing customer engagement thereby driving brand confidence
  • Creating an original consumer experience
  • Implementation of key characteristics to generate strong word of mouth


Advertising alone is not enough in today’s digital marketing world as advertising continues to move away from ads generated infrequently for the masses to a 365-day engagement in an ongoing conversation. A strategic marketing partnership can ensure you are remaining current on marketing trends and topics and continually generating shareable and relevant content.

Be sure to check out the full scoop on the Forbes website by clicking A Sneak Peek At 2014 Marketing Trends And Other Hot Topics From The Marketing Forum Conference.

To discuss a digital marketing plan designed for the future of marketing contact Koreen Hart of Hart Marketing by calling (321)-662-1660 or via email at You can also check out the Hart website at


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