No Such Thing as TMI in Today’s Health Care World

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Until recently, doctors didn’t engage with the patient as openly. Communication usually came from the doctor and told to the patient. But now, things are shifting towards more transparency between doctors and their patients. When they communicate, patients are more likely to follow doctors’ orders when they feel involved in their health care.

Things like how much a procedure costs were rarely discussed between a doctor and their patient beforehand. Now, doctors are making their prices public and patients have the option of electing less expensive procedures than the doctor would have normally recommended.

Executing patient engagement is more difficult than conceptualizing it because physicians and medical professionals are used to being in charge of everything from diagnosis to billing. This has led to a decline in trust and personal patient-physician relationships. More involvement by the patient will hopefully lead to an incline in physician trust and a decline in health care costs.

“We have to move away from models where we’re in charge of everything and start taking some risks in letting the patient get involved in the process,” Don Paulson of University Hospitals in Cleveland recently said.

Head to this link for more about patient autonomy:


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