An article posted to the 1-800-Dentist’s website by CEO and Co-Founder Fred Royal is not only making a case for why you should inject fun into your dental practice but also how to achieve a new image as a fun practice. Young gives five main reasons on why you should want to rebrand your practice as the fun practice to go to as:

  • Becoming known as a fun      practice can make your office a destination while separating yourself from      other dental and medical offices and experiences.
  • Regardless of the procedure,      you r staff and office environment can leave a lasting impression and have      clients leaving your office with a bright smile for multiple reasons.
  • By establishing yourself      as a fun destination, you can remove some reluctance leading up to the      visit.
  • Word of mouth, word of      mouth, and word of mouth.

The article also list five steps to making your dental office a fun destination as:

  • Allow staff to have fun to      instill a warm, welcoming feeling.
  • Keep tabs on important      patient dates such as birthdays and anniversaries to remove the patient      –staff barrier for a relationship more akin to friendship
  • Target the “worse      patients” and enact a plan to change their demeanor. If your efforts win      these patients over, other patients are sure to take notice.
  • Change your environment by      injecting fresh flowers, colorful paint, upbeat music, and decorate for      the holidays.

Outside the box, thinking such as providing ipads to replace the highlights magazines or the addition of a wall where children can draw and paint murals can help differentiate your practice and make your office a destination children and patients alike will seek out.

A relationship with a strategic marketing partner can ensure you are making marketable changes to the practice and implement a plan based on the updates.  Contact Koreen Hart of Hart Marketing by calling (321)-662-1660 or via email at You can also check out the Hart website at

Also, check out the referenced article in its entirety over at 1-800-Dentist by clicking Five Steps to Making Your Dental Office Fun.


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