Since the onset of social media and mobility of the internet via the use of laptops, smart phones, and tablets, marketing has moved away from advertising and into the age of generating sharable and pertinent content.  Brands are not simply advertisers of products any longer but looked at as publishers of content that users look to for valued insight into their industry. Users than determine if the product enhances their ability to fill a void or need that the content has spelled out.

An article posted to the Forbes website entitled Is Content The Future of Marketing poses the question “What is the future of content marking.  Michael Brenner, the articles author, proposes that the future of content marketing is more visual with a focus on quantity with content. In addition, Brenner states brands are becoming publishers of trusted content that is bit-sized, shareable content.

Check out Brenner’s article by clicking Is Content The Future of Marketing? for other insights into the future of content marketing.

The use of a marketing specialist will allow you to focus on offline marketing while ensuring you stay on the cutting edge of social media marketing through the creation of shareable content. To discuss your content marketing plan contact Koreen Hart of Hart Marketing to establish an integrated marketing plan by calling (321)-662-1660 or via email at You can also check out the Hart website at


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