An article posted to the website of USA Today chronicles the importance of digging into your digital marketing toolbox. Citing research from PQ Media the article reveals that currently U.S. based consumers spend close to 15 hours weekly using digital media, a number that is expected to grow to close to 20 hours by 2017. An even more staggering statistic given by the national Small Business Association in the article is that one in 10 small businesses have yet to establish a website and close to 30% do not participate in social media. If you are in this statistical category your business may be suffering as a result and it may be time to reconsider your marketing strategy, or lack thereof.

Much like a real toolbox, in your digital marketing toolbox, you must choose the right tool for the right job. For example, the article points out that a business-to -business company may benefit from breaking into digital marketing via the establishment of a LinkedIn profile whereas a business marketing to consumers would likely benefit from Facebook as a starting point. Starting your marketing campaign is only half the battle, as it is not merely enough to establish a social media footprint, you must remain an active participant in your social community.  The ability to maintain a daily presence through the generation of valuable, shareable content is paramount. The promotion of best practices, industry news, promotion of new products, and ability to extract and use real time feedback from your target audience can integrate your business as a trusted source within your online and local community.

Small business owners may find themselves overwhelmed at the prospect of maintaining their business needs while maintaining their online presence.  A strategic marketing partnership may be just the answer in allowing you, the small business owner, to focus on the day-to-day business operations while effectively maintaining an online presence.  Contact Koreen Hart of Hart marketing and Communications at (321)-662-1660 or to ensure you are using the right tools in the digital toolbox and you have a strategic marketing planed tailored to your small business needs.

To check out the article for additional small business digital survival tips click on Digital tools play big role in small business growth.


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