Doctors going Digital: Social Media for Medical Marketing

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Andrew McIntosh, a news reporter and nation health news producer, shared his insight on the importance of physicians using social media to expand their cliental. In his article, he states that a Google study found that 60% of people who watched a video on the internet from a credible healthcare source contacted the doctor or health facility featured in the video.

Posting online videos that can be publicly accessed is an extremely effective marketing strategy. Most medical professionals that are successful are active in social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The research firm YouGov conducted a survey about online marketing and found these statistics:

  • 57 percent of consumers polled believe a social media connection with a healthcare provider was likely to have a strong impact on their decision to choose that provider.
  • 25 percent are likely to connect with healthcare providers through social media in the future.  
  • 81 percent believe a healthcare provider with a strong social media presence, is likely to be more “cutting edge.”

A video can be a quick look at a doctor without actually visiting. 1,000 consumers were polled to see the correlation between purchasing services and watching provider videos and 50 percent preferred to watch professional videos before making a purchasing decision and 73 percent believed the most important aspect of the video was the overall quality.

Using social media to acquire new patients has become the new standard. If health professionals are not active on social media, they will lose many clients to better advertised competition.

Read more about social media marketing here:


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