Marketing has entered a new era of complexity where it is no longer enough simply to grab attention via traditional ad campaigns.  Twentieth century marketing has evolved from the one-size fits all ad campaign to the generation of specific, shareable content targeting not just the individual but the community within which the individual resides. Through the generation of meaningful, shareable content, a business can reach consumers far past the original campaign while solidifying their position as a reputable source.

Greg Satell penned on insightful articles for Forbes entitled How To Build An Effective Social Marketing Strategy that illustrates the framework for an effective marketing strategy.  Referring to the current marketing landscape as the “post-promotional age” Satell highlights the need to establish your community based on the organizational mission, value statement, and objectives and create attention holding content for that community. Be sure to check out the article for helpful marketing insight on the need to clarify your mission, identify analogues, focus on structure, and the vital creation of your community. To discuss your strategic marketing plan and ensure you are generating relevant, community based content, contact Koreen Hart of HART Marketing at (321)-662- 1660 or


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