I recall several years ago when a friend was preaching the benefits of upgrading to a smart phone. He advocated the use of his smart phone to browse the internet and check mail over a readily accessible computer due to the speed and responsiveness of the device. One can access emails without logging in and browse the internet without a swarm of pop ups and typically less page loading time. In a recent article by Wiley Cerilli published to The Business Journal website entitled Why mobile search marketing is more important than you think Cerilli highlights the importance of ensuring your marketing content is mobile friendly.

Highlighting hard to ignore statistics such as 70% of those conducting local mobile searches act on that search within the hour and 73% of mobile searches lead to further action, Cerilli makes a good case for mobile marketing. While desktops, laptops, and even tablets remain bulky and cumbersome, people have access to their smartphone the majority of the day. The user can access articles, blogs and other content and explore the merits of the content further seamlessly helping to make decisions as to the value or merit of the content and  explore quality sources to act on their research. By ensuring your marketing, website, and business content are enhanced with mobile users in mind can ensure you are visible locally; increase the likeliness of the sharing of your content, and drive new business from a tech-savvy generation. Be sure to check out the article for additional steps to mobilizing your efforts and contact Koreen Hart of HART Marketing at (321)-662- 1660 or koreen@hartincorporated.com  to ensure your strategic marketing plan is optimized for your businesses success!


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