How the Affordable Care Act Will Affect Doctors

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The Affordable Care Act has been a popular topic of discussion recently, but many aren’t sure of what the effects will be on doctors. About 60 percent of doctors are nervous that the new act will have negative impacts on medical care for patients. A majority of the concern stems from the fact that ObamaCare will require that physicians receive 20 percent less in reimbursements for medical services. Also, an estimated 16 million Americans will be added to the already growing Medicaid recipients list. Doctors already make less when accepting Medicaid reimbursements than they do when dealing with other private insurance providers.

Doctors rely on their own autonomy and discretion when making tough medical decisions. They feel the ACA threatens this by placing authority for decision making in the hands of government officials instead. “Uniformity of practice” are guidelines the act will establish preventing physicians from making decisions based on personal patient interactions. Every patient is unique and making such uniformed decisions will weaken the doctor-patient relationship, which can be dangerous.

It is possible that many physicians may decide the changes aren’t fair and might simple stop practicing. It is equally as possible the new law can scare away students from becoming new doctors altogether. In these cases, there will be a shortage of doctors and the ratio to patients will be too low. With the growing elderly population, we are already short on the projected amount of doctors we would need by 2020.

Read all the implications of the ACA on physicians here:


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