An interesting article hit the web today by Michael Brenner on Forbes website titled Publishing Is The New Marketing: Epic Content Marketing.  In the article Brenner sings the praises of Joe Pulizzi’s book entitled “Epic Content Marketing” which chronicles the benefits of being a effective storytelling when publishing your marketing content. The ability to make your customers a part of the story will go farther than simply telling the story of what you have to sell. Readers will gain true value from effective storytelling and relate the service or product with how it can enhance their own lives, or story if you will.

Publishing effective content as a storyteller will establish an emotional connection with your audience and the want to share with like-minded individuals leading to a larger social footprint.  Brenner poses that as the publisher of good content we must first identify the top questions of our intended audience and then tell the story of how your products and service can answer that question. In providing such helpful content, you can increase the likeliness of shared content and elevate your marketing plan from advertising to trusted source. Joe Pulizzis book is available on Amazon, just click on the title Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less, and as always a strategic marketing partnership is the best way to ensure your business is taking a publishers approach to content marketing.


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