Early Guidelines for Patient Video Visits

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A physician in the state of Oklahoma recently got into trouble for using the internet video host, Skype, to conduct his visits. The doctor was also prescribing medications over the web-chats, which led to a patient’s death. Doctor Kvedar shares some issues with newly emerging telehealth, these problems include:

-Legal/regulatory: Legally, each doctor is licensed to practice in their particular state. Each state has its own rules and guidelines and in Oklahoma, it is not legal to use Skype for medical practice.

-Privacy/Security: In most cases for video medical counseling, there must be a consent form signed by the patient stating they understand even if the video sourcing site keeps the videos private, there is still a chance their information could be intercepted. It isn’t likely the Oklahoma physicians used consent forms.

It’s widely agrees that until video-visits can be studied further whether they are beneficial or not, they should only be used for follow-up visits. Just visually seeing the patient cannot guarantee a correct diagnosis.

Read more on Kvedar’s view on virtual visits here:



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