In another great article posted on The Dentistry iQ Network, Glenn Lombardi outlines 5 Lessons in expert social media marketing. During the weekly marketing research I conduct, the reoccurring theme is participation and interaction. All too often practices are posting content pertaining to their practice as their sole source of social information. This breaks the primary rule of social media, the production of quality, shareable content. Lombardi states that the approach to social media must be content before sales with the goal of educating, entertaining, and engaging (Lombardi’s 3-E’s).

One you have posted, interact with those that share your content, post responses, and seek out unrelated content to your posts to broaden your social circle. It is not enough just to be present on social media; you must be an active player to reap the true benefits of social media for your practice. Check out Glenn Lombardi’s article by clicking the link above for more helpful marketing must such as post consistency, content diversity based on platform, and a healthy blend of all social media available.


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