By now, it is no secret that the effective application of marketing to social media is necessary to grow your business. Comparing social media to a toolbox, Dr. Lou Shuman advises you know the enclosed tools well to ensure you are applying the proper tool to the job to construct a complete project.  An integrated approach to marketing through use of such tools as blogs, Facebook, twitter, and other forms of social media can ensure your message is getting to the intended user but that may not be enough. It is not enough solely to share company information; your practice should be producing patient oriented and shareable content. In addition, your social media post should combine a healthy mix of professional information and personal such as volunteer efforts, posting video blogs of procedures, and other personalization that can separate your practices identity.

Thinking outside the box is also necessary when generating sharable content and differentiating your practice. Dr. Shuman advises that sweepstakes and contests can provide a jolt to your social media presence. A recent article published this week spoke of a dental practice in North Carolina participating in the state literacy program by giving out books to children at their annual checkup. Ideas like these can gain social media steam, gain national attention, and enhance your community. For other strategies, make sure to check out Dr. Shuman’s article entitled Social media marketing: Effective strategies to accelerate dental practice growth


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